The Final Station

The Final Station is a pixel-art platform video game developed by Oleg Sergeev and Andrey Rumak. It is published by tinyBuild and is available on Steam. I got this game as part of the Humble Monthly Bundle and I really liked the story and art design involved.

The pixel art design is beautiful

You are a train driver, going through a country where things are quickly turning sour. What was a simple assignment at the beginning quickly takes on a more dramatic turn when the army requires you to deliver a specific package. But how could they predict that the second visit was already happening?!

You will fight countless enemies

So you will do what you do best: survive! And explore the different stations that your train will stop to. Find any survivors? Take them onboard and ensure they are properly healed and fed, they will surely reward you when you take them to a safe harbor.

A safe place, for now…

I really liked the story and the exploration that let you, slowly but surely, uncover the truth about what is happening. The end game definitely opens more questions than it answers, but I have not (yet) played with the The Only Traitor DLC so we will see. But as a great mix of The Last Of Us story telling with great pixel-art, this game is a hit for me. 10/10 would recommend!

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