Since it’s one of the default subreddits (as of July 2017) it is normal that /r/personalfinance has over 12 million of subscribers. However, I only started reading this subreddit regularly for the past two years. But it is a great resource for everyone out there who wants to learn more about their finances.

Since it’s on Reddit, you can expect the average post to be about student debt and other financial problems encountered by young people (no, I won’t use the term millennial here). It can also be a scary peek into problems that people either:

  • put themselves into (car debt);
  • got tricked into (consumption debt);
  • are misinformed about (credit card debt);
  • or tied themselves to because of society expectations (student debt).

Yes, it is scary. Thankfully, some great posts provide a fresh perspective, like this one: A veterinarian’s perspective on personal finance and your pets. And Reddit being Reddit, most of the top comments are helpful, non judgmental, from people that seems to really care about helping OP (Original Poster). To everyone who participate in /r/personalfinance with such a mindset, I want to say thank you!

Have a read, you might learn one thing or two, starting with the sidebar!

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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