Northern Indian food

San Francisco is a great city to discover food from all around the world. Maybe it’s because there are a lot of communities that successfully immigrated in the United States, and brought with them their home cooking and variety of amazing spices, colorful dishes, etc.

Northern Indian food is, I believe, the most recognizable. While being a true neophyte in the domain (I know nothing), I appreciate the regular dishes: chicken tikka masala, naan, paneer, etc.

(Little Delhi has my recommendation for great Northern Indian food at an affordable price in downtown San Francisco.)

Northern Indian food can be described as spicy and creamy in my opinion. I absolutely love a good lamb tikka masala. And it’s only recently that I learnt: this is not the only Indian food you can find and appreciate! But I still have to experiment and learn more about Southern Indian food.

But San Francisco is a great city to get started and experiment with food from different countries. There are plenty: Vietnamese food, Filipino food, South Korean food, etc.

And even though I believe those recipes got westernized, in order to appeal to more people here in the United States, I still believe this is a great way to experiment and appreciate how diverse the food all around the world can be.

Photo by Akhil Chandran on Unsplash

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