It’s a long walk, not a sprint

Yesterday, I did not publish an article. The point of this blog is for me to write something every day, so that I can get in the habit of writing and improve my vocabulary. But yesterday, I failed to do so, ending my 13 days streak in Loop, the habit tracker I use on my phone.

Hence today, I felt even less motivated to write an article. This is the exact same thought process that happens when someone start a new diet:

  1. Build up motivation through some sort of self-inflicted pain, comparing ourselves with an ideal, being pressed by some sort of event, e.g. summer holidays or wedding season.
  2. Start the diet with a strong motivation and follow through for a couple of days.
  3. Hit the first hiccup or plateau, which throw us off balance for the day.
  4. Lost the motivation to start it over, end up with more weight than before.

Well, at least, this is how I process, I don’t know anything about you.

The key here is to have the discipline to start over, again. Missing your calories goal for one or two days is not going to change anything in the long term. It’s what you do to recover from it that matters. And more than often, the motivation is long gone, making it incredibly hard to get back in a new streak.

This is where /r/GetDisciplined or The Power of Habit come in handy. If you are taking the step to make small but meaningful changes in your life, start by building a habit out of it. Because this is what gets you back on track. This is what refuel the motivation to start a new streak when the self-inflicted wound are no longer working.

And in my case, this is what led to this article which you are now reading.

Photo by Aneta Ivanova on Unsplash

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