Comme convenu

Note: article is in English, but the linked resources are in French.

Comme convenu” is the true story of a French couple who leave everything behind to move to California and work on their video game startup. What a dream! But not everything turns out as planned.

As you read through the story of Laurel and Adrien, you will discover a behind-the-scenes of what it’s like to get something started, and how it’s not necessarily the success story that happens to the Dropbox, Lyft and other (now big) technology startups in the Silicon Valley.

I read through the story with a huge interest and absolutely loved the drawings by Laurel. The story hits close to home too, especially regarding the Visa situation, the feeling of being trapped into working for the same company with no or very little opportunities to home.

I’d highly recommend you to have a go at reading their story. And worry not, just like every American movie, it has a happy ending!

Illustration by Laurel.

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