Camping in the US

About a year ago, I went camping for the very first time.

Back in France, I never really liked the idea of camping. For our summer holidays (yes, this is a concept in France, you actually have enough paid time off to go on vacations ha ha) my parents had the camping approach. As a teenager, some of my friends tried to get me to join them as they were chief scouts. But for some reasons*, I never joined them.

However, after spending some time in California, it felt like I was missing out on so many opportunities to discover more nature and landscapes. Because the West Coast of the United States of America really has some of the most beautiful sights I have had the opportunity to see.

And so we (my wife and I) went camping for our very first time! And that was a great first experience, with all the clichés associated with camping: firewood, s’mores, stargazing and much more!

That was a great experience and it gave us confidence to do it again, but this time for a much longer period. This led to the Great Canadian Roadtrip™, but this will need another, much more detailed post.

So, it’s never too late to actually try things and experiment a bit. It can help you discover a new passion or simply another way to travel and experience.

TL;DR I like camping!

*The reasons actually involved bugs and dirt and mud, lots of bugs and dirt and mud, ha ha.

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