A bus trip

This was a very short trip to Southern California. Mainly we like to drive because the time we spend together in the car, we use it to talk. And we talk about everything, our future, the way we see things going, etc. I like to say that going on a road trip together is kind of a couple therapy. At least for us, that’s how it feels.

But now it’s time for me to go back north to San Francisco. And of course I have to leave the car to my wife. In case you don’t know, it’s very impractical to not have a car in Southern California. My wife can testify for it, growing up as a teenager in Riverside county and having to wait for the bus to go anywhere.

But anyway, this post is about a bus trip. The one I’m about to take to go home to San Francisco. I booked an Anaheim-Oakland from megabus.com and it was only $48. Cheaper than flying. I got my algorithms book to practice and a lot of movies to watch on my iPad. So I should be ok.

This is just to say that there are many ways to travel in the United States and they do not always involve taking a plane! Alternative ways of transportation can be cheaper and take you through a different journey.

Keep experimenting!

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